Did NFL not fine Emmanuel Sanders because he’s bad at twerking?

It appears as though Denver Broncos receiver Emmanuel Sanders has not been fined for his questionably risque celebration against the Cincinnati Bengals.

The NFL announced who was subjected to financial discipline for Week 3 and Sanders wasn't among them, which begs the question - why not?

After scoring a touchdown in the second quarter last week, Sanders broke out a "twerking" celebration similar to that of Pittsburgh Steelers receiver Antonio Brown, who received a fine for his actions.

Broncos’ Emmanuel Sanders Twerks In The End Zone After Scoring 41-Yard Touchdown pic.twitter.com/MDgjL9BPY5
— SportsCast (@SportsCast_THN) September 25, 2016

Brown called out Sanders for copying his moves on Friday via Twitter, asking fans to tell him "who did it better", but the NFL may have already answered his question by not dishing out punishment.

The Steelers' receiver was fined for unsportsmanlike conduct deemed "sexually suggestive," according to the NFL rule book. There's no arguing that twerking is sexually suggestive.

Upon further examination, Brown's "pumps" are done in the classic pelvic-thrusting fashion, but Sanders may have been spared because he went with more of weird torso thrust.

Let's take another look.

Can't see nobody stopping us - we're unstoppable ! @God_Son80 @ESanders_10 Who did it better tho ?? t.co/E3EFlQXhFk
— Antonio Brown (@AntonioBrown) September 30, 2016

Clearly the intent was there, but there are some clear differences. So one of the following has to be true:

Due his lack of pelvic use, the NFL didn't deem Sanders' twerking "sexually suggestive"

The NFL felt bad about Sanders' poor twerking and gave him a break

The NFL unfairly favors Sanders and wants Brown to settle down

The NFL was distracted by Trevor Siemian's four-touchdown performance and forgot to issue a fine

Key & Peele were right - two pumps are allowed

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